Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Audiences Unit [A Reflection]

Overview: To write a 40 minute script based in the real world that shows evidence of set up, development and resolution featuring a subplot.

The reason for the assignment was to develop on what we’ve learnt in narratives and to produce the script untutored, relying solely on other students feedback.

My script, (Marlow Road) is about a father who accidentally kills his own daughter in a hit and run.

This idea was actually one of the ones I came up with for Narratives. At the time I knew I couldn’t write it and didn’t have a clue how to write it. But for this it felt right and I began work on it immediately.

Pre-Writing: I followed the same pattern of development I first used for Narratives. I wanted to know everything and have a complete scene breakdown before I started the script. With the narratives development I was trying something new. So with this script I tended to skip large chucks of development because my mind was aware of certain ways of fast tracking through ideas.

Outline & Treatment: Also with this assignment we had to provide development material. A first and final outline, a treatment and first draft.

First Draft: was very similar to the final draft. It was delivered later than I liked but I didn’t want to compromise the development by starting it too early.

Final Draft: I had enough time to go over the final draft, which was down to my effective time management, which proved to be extremely valuable.

Weaknesses Feedback; Failed to properly introduce one or two minor characters. Also my arena wasn‘t very strong and need a more vivid and evocative portrayal.

Script Development Overview: Quicker development-78pages. More effective time management. First Draft. Final Draft and Review time.

Overview: looking back I think I could have possibly scrapped the secondary character of Psychiatrist Kelvin and used best friend/police officer Brian to get the necessary info and plot point across to Jason (main character). The script was packed and there wasn’t enough room for manoeuvre. Cutting Kelvin would free up some valuable space. I haven’t really thought about it but that seems like the obvious weakness/improvement.

Mark: 67%


This was the first time I got a large selection of books out and early on. So I had time to read through my research and select and understand certain quotes and theory. I also broke the question down to understand what was needed and pinned it to my noticed board.

Mark: 60%

I feel that my academic progress has been slow but noticeable. From my first essay (Images) I have gained a five percent increase, which puts my essay level from a 3-1 up to a 2-1. This is a slight but further improvement on my previous essay. I hope to continue at this pace of development into the second year and by the third will be at a level worthy of a decent grade for my dissertation.