Monday, 21 September 2009

The BU Verdict.

2:1 = Proud and made up.

I got my 2:1 grade on Friday and my assignment percentages today, and I'm made up. After handing in my last assignments, I had convinced myself that I would get a 2:2 due to being really ambitious with my screenplay (major project) and running out of time to re-read and polish the slugger.

In the aftermath, I did focus a lot on what was wrong with my work and if I had the time what I would have improved, which clearly didn't help. But in the end, the screenplay was my highest grade - 2% off a first and definitely something to learn from.

The grade has created a solid foundation for my confidence and future, which is what I needed.

Attending this course was once a distant dream for me and thought impossible, but after a lot of hard work and patience, I got accepted, then decided to defer...

Then it all gets fuzzy.

But it is great and surreal to say that 'I have achieved a major dream of mine' and many small ones along the way.

However, this next one is gonna be a humdinga!