Monday, 19 October 2009

The Pedlar of Swaffham. Update.

I had a surreal trip back up to Bournemouth and the University on Friday to meet the animators (BACVA) and talk about the script.

And the good news is it's happening and the script will be made, which is great and I'm really pleased!

The animated short will be thirty seconds long and in what was descibed by the course leader as quality over quantity. This has got me intrigued to how it will turn out and most especially the view of Old London Bridge with its mish-mash of structures.

The final script deadline is in two weeks and will be discussed and finalised with the four animators. The group will then spend the year creating the animation, which I assume will be completed in the summer term around June/July next year.

It's incredible being back in a collaboration as there's nothing like it. I'm really looking forward to getting the script finalised and then on seeing the progress and offering any character/story advice and details I can.

It's nice to be on the road to having a sole written animation produced and has been one of my ambitions for awhile.

Just awesome.

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