Thursday, 17 December 2009

The Superconducting Supercollider of Sparkle Creek, Wisconsin

By David Koepp and John Kamps.

This was a random pick for a read and a rewarding one at that. The title alone is enough to entice anyone to have a peek and wonder what the Superconducting Supercollider is, does, and what could possibly be its story.

I had some expectations going in on this one but no knowledge, as I assumed it was a David Koepp/John Kamps dream spec due to the long and rather wacky title. David Koepp's produced screenplays that I've seen have offered a high quality and particular blend of suspense, drama, humour and tenderness i.e Secret Window, and polar opposite, Zathura. I enjoyed both films and so wondered whether this could live up to its expectation of being something completely different, unique, out there, consuming and immersing. And the verdict is: it does -- it does.

The story centres around twice divorced, Karen Krauthafer, the local sheriff, as she and a man, Howard, a local scientist, collide on a stretch of road, but more specifically, his body to the bonnet of her squad car. Shortly after the abrupt meeting, a strange phenomenon startles the town and causes a panic, which sends Karen out to investigate.

The screenplay is a wonderful, charming and exciting read. It offers an interesting, ultra cool, and challenging story with unique characters who are realistic, humorous and empathetic. It's a fantastical story that exists in reality and is believable yet makes for a magical read. As its opening credit reads: 'This is a true story. It just hasn't happened yet,' it's one to be remembered.

The story is about the pursuit of knowledge and knowing all there is to know, and at the same time whether that knowledge would deprive you of the very essence, pursuit and wonder of living. Would there be any fun in knowing everything?

I'm glad that I took the chance on this as it was one of the most original, wonderful and interesting screenplays I've read. I hope that the film is being made and isn't just a spec screenplay that won't see the light of day.

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