Sunday, 7 November 2010

The Unsucksessful Vampire & FiveZs. Update.

In December 2008, I posted about an interactive website that I was writing scripts for called FiveZs, and thought that I had also posted about a short animation called The Unsucksessful Vampire that I was writing the script for. But upon a look through the archives (it didn't take long), there is no such post. So I must have imagined it.

But anyway, as I never received a copy of the animation, I have recently found it on YouTube and watched it for the first time. It was made by final year students at the then titled The Arts Institute Bournemouth (now The Arts University College Bournemouth) in the class of 2009.

So after no information or hype, I proudly present:

So there it is. What did you think?

Now for some brief exposition:

The collaboration came about after replying to an advert looking for a scriptwriter to pen the narration to an animation that was currently being made. Feeling out of my depth, set on rejection, but fired up about the prospect of writing it, I applied. I used my Vampire and Book short animation scripts as an example of my work, and they did the trick.

Although, I was completely frightened and equally enthralled about the task ahead. At that time, I hadn't written a specific narration before and had no idea whether I'd be able to do it. Plus it was a great project to be involved in and I didn't want to let anyone down. But I learnt fast and managed to hold up my end of the bargain and deliver. It was such a proud achievement and challenging, fun process and one that I have learnt so much from.

Much the same follows the story of FiveZs (Interactive Media Production at Bournemouth University) and writing those scripts: replying to an advert, feeling out of my depth, highly pressured, no experience, etc... but I came through and delivered.

From my previous post on FiveZs and writing for that I wrote about writing many puzzles and designing various other levels. Although they all didn't make it into the final version because it was all much too ambitious for a looming deadline and one student working hard to create it all. But what was made of the scripts works really well and I'm proud of it. So I've decided to add it to my portfolio on my website and you can view the interactive website here. It's best to view it in full-screen (F11) if you have a small screen as the bottom section cuts off.

Besides the challenge and the pressure, I had a lot of fun writing them. So I hope you enjoy them!

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