Tuesday, 4 March 2008

The 'Not' Bournemouth Writers Circle.

Recently I’ve been attending the Bournemouth university writers group. I’ve been to the last two and have found them very useful. It’s a great session and I highly recommend it. It replies on participation, to state the obvious but is really rewarding whether offering material or giving feedback.

The sessions have made me realise a few things and have given me a much needed confidence boost. But not only in some ideas/scripts, but in communicating effectively to a group and individually. Its helped me over come a once major fear and potential embarrassment of opening up about my ideas and secondly, the fear of talking in front of a group. I don’t have the clearest voice and often talk fast and it probably sounds like mumbling. But I’ve become more comfortable offering up ideas/scripts and feedback in front of a group, which is a major step for me.

I do plan to attend as often as I can and to bring something each time. It would also be nice to carry on the group next year as its organizer will have graduated.

Next week I plan to have an outline or treatment for WWII Drama, my feature script for the third year, if I have time.

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