Thursday, 27 March 2008

Resh Samauroo's Workshops.

I’ve been meaning to attend these workshops for awhile but have been occupied with work every time they are on. But I have managed to go to the last two, and I actually wish I attended right from the start. They are great sessions and far better than what I had expected.

An element of the workshop is for people to present an idea or script, that they are currently having problems with and through Resh’s personal advice and the group environment the aim is to help the person overcome it. And if they don’t within the session they certainly have enough to think about afterwards to potentially achieve it.

Through the workshops and post-workshop chats Resh has helped build my confidence as a writer and as a person. A few of the areas that hold equal importance are; communicating a pitch effectively, overcoming shyness and insecurities to put your self out there, and learning to sell yourself through your strengths.

This reality check of industry standards has made me re-evaluate my own attitude and approach to being a writer and being confident in all the aspects that that entails.

The sessions success and Resh’s own, offer an inspirational and productive environment in which everyone goes away more wiser and confident than when they walked in, and you can’t ask for more than that.

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