Saturday, 26 April 2008

Espresso. Update.

I pitched the idea with a treatment. She said she liked some bits and wasn't so keen on others - which was in fact more than i had hoped for. I i sent it on the off chance she'd have time to read it and maybe like it or for it to spark off a separate idea.

So the story, has one major element missing now, which in fact is all the better for it and i'm glad she was honest about what she didn't like. I was also upfront about her honesty and made it clear i wouldn't take it personally. I just said 'I want you to pick out what you like and then we can adapt it to what you want.' After all, it is her film and ultimately i'm just working towards helping her to achieve it and in the best possible way.

What's gone is the 'case of mistaken identity' part, which is more suitable for a longer film. Its more simpler now and works a lot better for this type of story and its length.

Originally, I liked the idea of it being filmed in the French language, as its what inspired it. So it was a nice coincidence when it was suggested about filming it in a foreign language. In the end, Spanish was agreed as the most suitable, as it fits the characters and the story better. Overall, its much sexier than French or any other language.

The producer/director is looking for outside funding as her ambition is to shoot it in abroad, which would give the film a real authenticity and be pretty amazing.

I'm really happy that i'm getting to write this and that the gamble paid off - it's going to be really cool and its a big challenge as romance in cafes isn't my usual gig; in both senses of the word.

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