Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Abducted by Aliens, Possessed or Other?

It's been far too long since my last post and I don't quite know what happened. I had solid plans to keep posting, updating and keeping track of progress but then one of the above happened.

In a rather large nutshell; I remember completing ZZZZZ and writing a TV Major project in Jan, completing my minor project in early Feb, moving back home late Feb, and then back to uni three days later: found a comfortable place to live and work, donated some money to Danny Stack's Origins, did the impossible and completed my dissertation, wrote the final narration for The Unsucksessful Vampire (AIB), got the dvd for TV Major and was very pleased, left uni and the lifestyle for good in May, and I'm now in my second week of a placement in London with Blake Friedmann. Plus, essentially cool to note, living in the street Black Books used to be!

And what have I learnt?

That it may be worth...

...having self-respect to avoid wasting time and energy in the future.

...having self-belief, again to avoid wasting time and energy, to make the process and experience a lot better and a large step to future achievements.

...accepting that horrendous feeling, insecurities and worry of failure as a necessary route to achieving the impossible and to success.

...applying butt to chair whatever the weather as some progress and the zone potentially is only a few words away.

...in order to stay healthy and alive to not eat Iceland pancakes and egg fried rice and chips for three months.

There may be more but it's been a long day.

However, the answer to the above, apart from my dissertation period undoubtedly possessed, is: Other.

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